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Industrial Chiller leader GCI manufacturers the highly-regarded ICEWAGON™ industrial chiller used for more than four decades to protect precision manufacturing equipment and end products from damaging heat.

Industrial chillers refrigerate water and other coolants, which are pumped through discrete manufacturing and process equipment. Package chillers are complete machines, including a process pump and a coolant expansion reservoir. They are either portable (mounted on casters) or central (bolted down) and reject the heat they remove either into the air or water.

GCI has the broadest offering of package chillers in the industry:

  • The heavy-duty DH line: 3 to 80 tons of cooling using the cast-iron, industrial accessible hermetic compressor. Highly customizable from standard designs. Single or dual compressor models. Three temperature ranges are available: Standard (65° to 20°F), LT (30° to -30°F), and XLT (0° to -90°F). Air- or water-condensing.
  • The DE line: 1/2 to 12 tons of cooling with the welded hermetic compressor. Far more standard features than competitive economy-priced models. Air- or water-condensing.
  • The new DS line: from 8 to 35 tons of cooling using state-of-the-art scroll compressors. Air- or water-condensing.
  • The compact DA line: capacities from 1/4 to 1 tons of cooling with many of the extra features found on the DE line. Air-condensing only.
  • The low-profile SU line: 1/4 to 3 tons of cooling. Highly customizable from basic modules. Air-condensing only.

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